Yes it fits a crown rc3000 series steer wheels, as a pair. People refer to as a three wheeler but actually is four ( the steers are in the center as a pair. 99 percent of the crown rc forklifts have 9x5x5 setup but we now for the second time ran into this odd size. Luckily I have tons of spare hubs so I traded out my good customer a set of 5" hubs to get him going as he sold the lift and was delivering today. Now I feel the need to stock a pair. I do not know what the reason is or if it changes at a serial number break but when I looked up on tvh x parts they show both sizes for the same forklift available. Maybe the same reason for example your 9111 small core versus large core, as we find less failure on large core but a little rougher ride. Hope this helps. 
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regarding TI 043 vs. TI 033

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